What we Can All Learn From Some of the Hobos


I thought it would be interesting for me to write a blog about the homeless because there are so many things about them I just find fascinating and I honestly don’t believe they are actually the smelly rear end of society that many people believe them to be. They have actually brought joy into the lives of many people and I do have a few examples. There is one thing I want to get clear first though, I have consistently referred to them as “hobos” over the years but after trying to research where that term came form, it looks like I was incorrect and there are differences between the homeless.

“Tramps and hobos are commonly lumped together, but in their own sight they are sharply differentiated. A hobo or bo is simply a migratory laborer; he may take some longish holidays, but soon or late he returns to work. A tramp never works if it can be avoided; he simply travels. Lower than either is the bum, who neither works nor travels, save when impelled to motion by the police.” Something I found on wikipedia.

I can’t comment on how they ended up in their predicament because I imagine every one of them would have a different story. However, I can comment on the fact that I have seen many hobos who have a great sense of humor and I feel that’s an important part of life that many of us forget about. Perhaps many hobos have achieved this because they’ve spent so much time in self reflection and suffering, went through a phase where they really thought they hit rock bottom and were in the worst position they could possibly be and came out the other end realizing that that even though they had no savings and no home they were still able to take full advantage of the gift of life by smiling and laughing? That’s what I think when I see Hobos who hold up some very clever and funny signs. I feel that these are the hobos who have gone gotten through their “dark night of the soul”


I’m not saying we should all just leave our lives and learn the ways of the streets (I’m convinced there’s some sort of unspoken hobo code that exists, and anyone who wants to be a member of the hobo community must take an oath. If they break the hobo code then I’m assuming they’re exiled and have to go live in a forest somewhere and then adhere to the even more difficult code of the animals….ok I’ll just stop now…) I’m just saying that whenever we are in a situation where we think we’re at the worst place possible in life and it’s draining us of our spirit….just let out whatever it is that you’re feeling rather than drag it out and let it drag you down and then do something silly! Have you ever noticed that people have no problems expressing their feelings of happiness but when it comes to sadness and anger they can often just shut off and then become messed up?

Be like the hobo and just let it out so you can go back to being fun again!

I’ve seen hobos express themselves in uninhibited ways numerous times, from the hilarious signs they create, to the music they provide when I’m waiting in line for Beaver Tails when I visit Ottawa, or some of the unique fashion they don.

Take for example he hobo in China who became famous for being fashionable, went on to model and endorse a clothing line inspired by his look!

I have always thought it would be interesting to interview some of these hobos who have the smiles on their faces and openly express themselves to find out what their life journeys have been like and write a book about it because I do imagine there would be stories about them having a lot of struggles to deal with before the whole issue of being homeless came along. It would also be interesting to know how they got through the tunnel to the other side.

Stay tuned for my next entry in which I will talk about why I was most likely Asian in my past lives.


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