Jesus Died for Your Sins, and Came Back to Eat your Brains, Issues With Religion

I decided to postpone writing my entry analyzing why male tennis players choose to have so much hair despite being sweaty all the time, and also postpone starting my blog series “places to pick up the opposite sex” because the engagement party last night was terrible, everyone was in couples and the very few single guys were not good enough looking for me, and we left early lol.


So instead, I bring you a rant about religion, with appropriate timing I think! First though, a bit about Easter because I know most of my readers are non christian’s and wouldn’t have likely been taught about the story of Easter…Oddly, I’m baptized and raised Catholic, which is likely due to mission workers who travelledl abroad to save the souls of my ancestors by leading us away from Hinduism and into the light  *rolls eyes*…….I went to catholic school, in which we had to sit through religion class and learn about stuff from the Bible. My memory isn’t too sharp on most of this stuff since I’m not religious at all, but I can state in short form what happened around Easter. Jerusalem was under rule of the Roman Empire while Jesus had a large following in the Jewish population for doing such things as walking on water, turning water into wine and feeding hundred’s with one loaf of bread and a few fish. The Romans saw Jesus as a threat due to the potential of him leading an uprising. He was charged with criminal offences which he was found guilty of, then he was executed by being nailed to a cross.  It has been said that he rose from the dead three days after….so he must have been a zombie right? Perhaps the people of this era just weren’t familiar with symptoms of zombism and just thought he was acting strange. My theory is they found the tomb open because after the burial brain hungry zombies raided it,  eating Jesus’ brain thus transforming him into a zombie. I suspect zombies of this era just layed low most of the time and only operated in darkness….cause I think even zombies wouldn’t want to mess with the Romans, I know I wouldn’t!

Ok, so I’m being really silly, but I don’t see how much sillier my theory is than much of the stuff that’s written in the bible. I honestly have an easier time believing in aliens than I do believing we are all the descendants of one man and a woman who was made out of his rib….

I do think religion can be very interesting, but at the same time I think ancient scriptures were not meant to be taken literally, but much of what was written was symbolic and the problem with that is we cannot exactly interpret what was trying to be said. Not only does symbolism make things cloudy, but a lot of meaning may have been lost in translation. I do realize I may be offending a lot of people with this, but my point here isn’t to insult people who are religious, because being “religious” isn’t really the problem. I feel people can be religious in a very productive way or a very unproductive way.  In my opinion, taking every little detail as fact and not having any proof that it is fact and fighting with those who don’t agree and telling them they’re going to burn in hell for their sins…that’s not being productive. On the flip side, doing your best to live your life by some of the principles of religion is productive. Another example of unproductive religiousness are the stereotypical bible thumping red necks who are racist, anti homo sexual, pro war etc. etc.   It makes no sense to me because they claim to be good Christians, yet they’re clearly placing major judgement on others….and I’ve never heard any religious teachings that claim we should be judging others. Then the whole racist thing, I’ve always found it hilarious because Jesus wasn’t even white!!

I know I’ve been using Jesus and the bible as my point of reference, and that’s not meant to be an attack on Christianity, it was just the most convenient for me to use. I think the same contrast between being religious in a productive way or unproductive way exist in any religion.

cons of organized religion:

  • turns people against each other and keeps them closed minded, differences in religion have been an ongoing cause of conflict between individuals and nations. I have seen marriages that should have happened not happen simply over the fact that the two people were of different religions and their families were completely opposed to it, religion ruins love!
  • uses fear to disempower people, many religions attempt to scare people into adhering to certain behaviour. Also, a fear of not conforming to the ways of everyone else exists within many religious communities. I feel like religion, along with other organized institutions that are part of our lives can deter people from exploring who they really are or their full potential because whatever it is they’re wanting to express is frowned upon by their religion. A really big one that most people overlook delving deeper into is their own intuitive potential. Anything even a bit esoteric was frowned upon by the church, and it seems that today much of that realm is still frowned upon and untouched.
  • members of the communities donate money to their churches and temples and in my opinion it doesn’t go anywhere positive….religion isn’t something progressive that’s changing for the better. It’s the same books preached over and over again and that money is most likely going towards lawn maintenance and utility bills. That money could be invested into soooo many better things

As you can see I could go on and on, but now I will get to the pro’s

  • after mass is always the time to hear the best gossip
  • It provides us with holidays that we can take off work and spend with our family and friends that would not exist if it wasn’t for organized religion
  • Most of these holidays involve stuffing our faces with food, getting really drunk and getting gifts

I still think the cons outweigh the pro’s, but I will enjoy the pro’s and I hope you all remember what this day is really about! It’s about celebrating chickens mating with rabbits to give us those amazing chocolate eggs!! Happy Easter everyone 🙂


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