Sparkling Sky, Sparkling Ocean

Feeling a lot better since the last post I’ve made, I’m adjusting to things in Africa more and have met more interesting people who are closer to my age and capable of carrying intelligent conversation, yay!

I think one of the biggest surprises for me is that I haven’t been sad at all observing the poverty people live in here. You know when you see those ads on tv that make you feel sooooo bad for the people living in third world countries. I thought it would be like that but 1000000 X worse. It isn’t though……and that’s because despite having nothing material, the people here are some of the happiest and friendliest I have ever met. I guess there’s truth behind “mo’ money mo’ problems” hmmm, I can’t remember what song that was from. It will be interesting to see when I get back if I’m less fixated on having an abundance of material things.

In other news, I’ve discovered my appreciation for having screens on windows in Canada, yesterday when I was going to have a shower I saw two giant cockroaches and there was a grasshopper in my sink. I didn’t mind the grasshopper but I couldn’t brave getting rid of the roaches myself so I decided to just not shower until I arrived in Zanzibar.

I got here in Zanzibar yesterday in afternoon and so far I have managed to meet a random American girl and South African guy who are friends at the airport tourist info office and accepted an invite to stay with them on the north part of the Island, crashed the honeymoon of the South African’s friends (he wrote an awesome poem for them which he recited on the beach and had champagne, it was really lovely) Got an amazing bungalow on the beach for $25 a night split between 3 of us, and went night swimming under the starriest sky I’ve ever seen and saw that the plankton here sparkles at night! Never seen anything like it before…..words can’t describe how amazing this place is, and I’ve made some great new friends.

Jen, the American works for the US gov. working with farmers in a few African countries providing grant money and educating them on business structure. Sounds like a very cool job, helping to make a difference in ways that progressive change is actually made in developing countries and getting paid at the same time lol. She did do peace core for two years in Botswana, so I can see how that’s deserving of an amazing job. It’s been nice to meet someone with that kind of balance that I just wrote about it being difficult to find.

We woke up at around 6am today an did yoga on the beach because Felix, the South African is a yoga instructor as well as being a pilot, pretty cool!

I wish I could upload photos here, the beach really is the best I’ve ever been to and I will never forget the sparkling Indian Ocean at night. I’m definitely going to be back here someday.

There has been other spontaneous adventure over the past few days but I can’t blog about all of it right now. Will hopefully write again next week as more stuff happens.



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