I Had a Public Meltdown!

I went into downtown yesterday to take care of some super annoying bank issues. I wanted to spend the rest of my afternoon checking out some of the shops and getting a coffee alone with nobody bothering me but I had one interruption after the other!!

First, when I was looking for a phone to call my bank I had a guy approach me trying to sell safaris….he was so persistent that he insisted he show me the way to the place with phones I could use and he stood a few metres away from me the entire time I was on the phone despite me telling him i was NOT going to buy anything from him. Next, I wanted to have coffee at a cafe across the street, I was immediately bombarded by people begging me to look in their shops. I actually did want a pair of earrings so I looked at some stuff but OMG these ppl are like blood thirsty vultures.

I felt so harassed that I didn’t even go to the cafe since they are all crowded around it like flies waiting for westerners who they assume are all rich to try to rip them off. so I continued down the road to see if I could find another place….I was approached by another person who attempted to follow me and guide me (and obviously try to sell me something) I was so pissed off that I yelled at him, and admittedly made a bit of a scene but omfg he deserved it!!

Aside from the hot showers and electricity whenever I want, the one thing I miss more than anything else from the west is the right to personal space…..being able to walk down the street without being constantly harassed.

I feel like I have written a lot about the things I miss from home, or the things I dont like here…but being here has inspired a lot of positive thoughts as well. I work with children who have what most westerners would think of as nothing….most of them only get to eat one bowl of porrige and a piece of fruit everyday and they go to a class where all they have is one pencil each and a notebook. There are no supplies in the class aside from a few pens, chalk and a blackboard. I was so surprised to see that they dont even have any books to read, or coloured pencils, crayons and paper for drawing and colouring. Seeing how little they have to get by with has made me realize how wasteful and overconsumptive I have been from living a spoiled life of ‘ask and it shall be given’ with my parents.

I thought about how cheap it would be to supply a class of kids here with the basic classroom necessities, and compared that to how much I have spent on clothes that I’ve overpayed for and only worn once or twice and some things that I’ve bought and never even worn….it’s all such a waste!

I am going to do a bit of a downsizing when I get home, and moving forward make better decisions about what is a need and what is a want, not allowing my wants to rule me so much.


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