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Hello everyone 🙂 I haven’t blogged in quite a while because I’ve been super busy so not in the right head space to be writing anything. Still busy, but I was struck with an idea about something to write today thanks to this photo I saw on Facebook earlier in the day. Many of the comments were talking about how this is cruel and inhumane.

I have no idea if the people making those comments are vegetarians and/or vegans for ethical purposes, if so, fair enough. In that case they would say the same about eating any animal. However, if they eat a typical diet consisting of mass produced chickens and cattle how is this any worse? I’m fine with people saying “ewww, gross” implying they wouldn’t eat this, but when a judgement is made saying it’s cruel to eat one animal and not another that bothers me a bit because really an animal is an animal whether it’s a chicken, a gator or a kangaroo.

Perhaps we’re just socially conditioned to only accept killing and eating certain types of animals.  This is how I see it:

Farm animals: cows, chicken, pigs, lambs….these can be eaten

forest animals: moose, deer etc….these can be eaten

sea animals: fish, shell fish, crustaceans….these can be eaten

zoo/safari animals: kangaroo, zebra, monkey……absolutely cannot be eaten

pet animals: dogs cats etc…..absolutely cannot be eaten

To be honest I find the consumption of any animals that falls under the last two categories to be pretty disgusting. However, due to the fact that they are more likely to be “free range” rather than factory produced I would have to say that eating a kangaroo, zebra or monkey would be less cruel and inhumane than eating a chicken.

I think people should just be more open minded about cultural differences in terms of what can be eaten, just because it seems odd and is something you would never eat doesn’t make it wrong. I am sure some of you are wondering how or why I even condone eating animals period considering I was a vegan for a little while. It’s because the motivation behind my veganism wasn’t so much ethical as it it was about my own health. It was ethical in a sense that I didn’t want to eat animals that were crammed into overpopulated warehouses and fed unnatural diets. I still don’t eat those, I only eat free range, and yes I do realize this must have been one of my weirdest blog topics to date.

What’s  your opinion?


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