Greed is All Around

I know I’ve written about this topic in a few of my posts, materialism, greed etc. and I’m writing about it again because a recent occurrence has made me feel the need to rant.

What I’m seeing is, that almost all people who have more than enough to meet survival will be greedy. What annoys me most is when people who live in developing countries who are NOT poor, i.e. they’re well fed, have clothes on their backs, can afford university tuition see the need to try to mooch off of westerners…I can recall that I mentioned the family who ran the place I volunteered at were amazing, they valued my time above all and never asked for anything beyond that, and invited me over every day for tea and I was entertained by interesting stories of travel and how the grandfather of this family ultimately chose to return to Tanzania to live a simple life after years of traveling, schooling and working abroad. I was impressed by this, because he could have expanded his life materially so much by opting to stay in either the US, Germany or Australia….but he chose family, and a more difficult life instead.

I’m pretty sure his grandson, who I met only once or twice didn’t take any of these stories to heart because since I got back home I’ve been continuously harassed being asked to send him stuff….and not small stuff either. This kid had the nerve to ask me to buy him an iphone LMFAO!!!! Obviously I replied saying I can’t do that and I tried to explain to him that not all people living in the western world are loaded. His reply was “any smart phone would be ok”  and he tried to reason that he needs it for when he starts university in Dar Es Salaam, LMFAO again. This guy already has some kind of smart phone as all of the fb messages he’s sent me have been sent from a phone. He’s been blocked and deleted from my Facebook and I am completely pissed off that there are so many people in this world looking to just take advantage of people’s kindness.

I had another situation in Tanzania in which one of the staff members from where I was working asked me for money. She claimed she couldn’t pay her rent. My thoughts on this were “well if you can’t pay your rent how do you pay for time on your phone and for internet to check your email and Facebook?” She was clearly just greedy and looking to advantage.

I think this goes to show that the majority of people, once they have something…..even if it’s not much more than the basics, they can easily become greedy looking for more and more. I can understand all this materialism stuff of course, because I, like most people, have been there….There are a lot of things I used to think I wanted cause in my mind they represented accomplishment. Now all I really want though is a space big enough to live in and some money to travel with, it doesn’t even have to be luxury travel as I’ve found travelling cheap to be the most interesting. Dirty hostels always seem to be where you meet interesting people, 5 star hotels…..not so much.

Although I had all these materialistic wants, what I can say is that I have NEVER tried to obtain them by using another person, and I think that’s why I’m so sickened by the fact this guy asked me to buy him an iphone, and then when I said no said any smart phone. Being materialistic is one thing, fine….if you want things you can work hard to buy them and enjoy. Materialistic people who are leeches though, getting all that they have not through hard wok but at the expense of another person makes me sick!

That brings another thought to mind, and I will write about this one at a later time, I have major issues with gold diggers.


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