I don’t really know how to explain it, but it’s real


I’ve decided to finally write about a topic that I have avoided writing about for quite some time because it is often viewed as a bit kooky by people due to “lack of scientific evidence” and it often comes as a surprise to people that I have an interest and commitment to this because I have a strong background in science and spent quite a few years pushing drugs when realistically prevention and lifestyle changes were the appropriate first line therapy.

I think I have mentioned several times in previous posts “spiritual practice” or “meditation” without any further elaboration on any details. That’s simply because I didn’t feel I was able to explain much about it….I still don’t really feel like I can explain any of this very well but I will give it my best shot and I’m always open to people contacting me with questions.

First off, when I’ve used the term “spiritual practice” It’s had nothing to do with religion…I’m completely against organized religion actually but that’s a whole different topic. When I say spiritual practice, what I’m referring to is working with your own energy as a form of healing and restoring self.  I’m very well aware that a lot of you think working with chakra energies is bullshit because there’s not much supporting scientific evidence. However, I have to argue that there is a great deal of historical evidence pertaining to the effectiveness of working with ones energies. For example, if you look at the history of yoga it’s primary purpose wasn’t physical exercise but rather it was opening the chakras and getting their energies moving. I feel that most people who do yoga today don’t really do it for it’s original intent and ignore the principles that were taught in addition to the poses as it’s really just become a pop sort of thing.

You’re probably wondering how I even became interested in any of this….to make a long story short, I was going through a lot of stress about 3 or 4 years ago and tried everything I thought possible to deal with it, with results that were either very little or temporary. The kind of stress I was dealing with was a feeling of being depleted almost constantly. I don’t think this is an issue for most people, but I know that people who deal with other people’s problems and sickness on a day to day basis and are able to empathize with people easily usually have this issue of becoming very drained and just feeling almost like a robot who’s basically always just at the mercy of others. I know my job isn’t dealing with peoples problems or sickness on a day to day basis but I definitely do empathize with people when they’re in need of help and it seems I’ve always just randomly attracted people to me to talk about their issues. Typically, people involved in professions where they’re helping people heal either physically, mentally or both have to give a lot of themselves and naturally, when in an unstressed state they have bounds of energy. When in a depleted state however they’re much worse than most others in depleted states because so much of their energy goes to people and helping them feel better. An analogy I have for it is we all run off of a battery….for the person who’s life purpose is serving others, that battery is not only powering them, but helping power others whos batteries may be malfunctioning. Most other people only use their battery to power themselves and in most cases is sufficient. One reason why the drain can be so constant is that when we help people, sometimes their energy unconsciously sticks to ours continually draining us. (might be a bit difficult for some people to wrap their heads around that one, but if you learn how to clear people’s energy away from yours you will see it’s true)

I was in search of something that could help me feel better, and also something that I could be in control of myself….there’s a lot of  people out there who offer healing sessions, some real, some def. scammers. The problem with having someone else controlling your energy for you, say opening and clearing your chakras for you is you don’t have access to it at the times you need it most.  I needed something that could help me recharge the battery instantly and allow my energy to keep flowing. I ended up taking a course over the span of several weeks that taught various principles of energy management. It was definitely effective, and it’s not only effective at helping your energy levels stay up but it also allows you to feel and clear out blockages (emotional baggage) from your chakras allowing your flow of energy to expand and become stronger……After clearing out blockages in the chakras your highest level of energy achievable is much higher. This might sound a bit crazy but now when I stick with the disciplines I was taught I am able to sleep for as little as  3 hours some nights and not feel tired at all or need to nap the next day, I just feel as refreshed as normal. I will admit it does require a lot of discipline to stick with it although I wouldn’t say it’s very time consuming…..but when you stick to it you see results. I can’t really explain the specific principles as they need to be taught interactively with someone because it involves learning how to tune into your chakras (sounds complicated but it’s really not). If you are struggling with the battery drain issue, seek a spiritual teacher who teaches about directly opening and triggering your chakras and you will be set 🙂

As for scientific evidence, there is some out there, however, not much. Although some studies have been done measuring the energy emitted from chakras, not much has been published in terms of research papers. My theory behind that is, most of the research has been carried out in the US, and healthcare is just another big business there so anything that could potentially damage that business is repressed. Another thing with science is, if we were all just only believers in concrete scientific facts science actually wouldn’t even exist because science has always been about research and being open to possibilities.

So no….you don’t have to be some new age weirdo who reads every shitty self help book that’s published and adorns themselves with hideous beaded jewelry, crystals and dreads and wears a moomoo to feel the positive effects of learning to manage your energy.


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