What I learned from Being Robbed by a Hobo

That face right there…that was the look on my face for a couple of days last week…

Most of you know I was robbed by a hobo….he took my iphone from right under my nose basically and I didn’t realize it until a few min. later……after realizing I went completely mental for the next couple days. My phone is still missing and I am currently using a blackberry from 2009……and I have to say, this has all been an eye opening situation.

I was sitting there having coffee and working away on my laptop when a cracked out hobo walked into the place and came right up to me….he leaned over my computer and got right into my face asking me several questions. I was nervous cause 1) he was majorly invading my personal space 2) I have no idea what this guy was on or what he was capable of doing, I didn’t know if he was going to attempt to chew my face off 3) He smelled really bad…..

I asked him to leave me alone, he walked away then a few min. later when I went to check messages on my phone…..it was gone. I then had a meltdown and caused a slight scene…someone was kind enough to lend me their phone to call the police. I waited over an hour for them to show up and take a report. I spent most of the following day fighting with Telus in an attempt to get a new phone for less than the $380 to buy out my contract…I also spent most of the day looking for an old phone from someone that I could use. In addition to that, I spent a lot of time scouring kijiji to see if my phone ended up being posted for sale. I spent those two days completely miserable…..and over what? A piece of plastic and metal…

I was panicked about missing important calls….After a bit more time I finally realized that despite shedding myself of certain dependencies in life i.e. being dependent on the way other people view me, or being dependent on having certain people in my life. I still haven’t overcome many of my materialistic dependencies. I lost my balance for about two days over a goddamn phone!

Being without a phone for a bit also made me realize the negative impact of society becoming so dependent on their phones…..just a few years ago, maybe 10 years ago or less, it wasn’t so common for people to have cell phones. I remember in high school not many people had them, and I got my first cell phone in first year university…I barely even used it to be honest and the only function that I used was receiving calls and making calls. Life was simple….the only times I conversed with people via a medium other than face to face was when I was at home on my computer. I checked my e-mail maybe twice a day, and that was enough. With the increasing capabilities of phones over the years it seems productivity levels may have actually gone down because we can get so easily distracted with things like being able to constantly check e-mail and facebook and various other apps.  With the capability of being able to be in touch and get back to people so quickly it’s like we expect everything to be done in the snap of a finger and go through life at such a fast pace without being able to see what’s actually going on around us. I’m sure there are also a lot of advantages to our phones, but I wasn’t quite so aware of the drawbacks until I lived without a phone for a bit and am now living with 2009 technology that doesn’t properly function lol. I did something interesting or weird…..however you want to look at it, a few days ago. I was still feeling a bit stressed about the phone situation but realized there’s nothing I could do about it and I had to accept that, so I took a walk around downtown by myself…..without anything with me, no phone, no cash. just myself.  It was amazing how much more receptive I was to my surroundings without a phone with msgs coming in constantly taking my focus. It was pleasant and I was very relaxed….putting the technology aside at times seems to be a good way to get back in touch with your surroundings and with yourself….I highly recommend it! and, I have decided I’m not going to buy another iphone, or smart phone…at least not for quite some time.


2 thoughts on “What I learned from Being Robbed by a Hobo

  1. I know exactly what you mean. That’s what draws me to backpacking, hiking and camping so much – just the ability to unplug from everything for a bit 🙂

  2. I left my phone in Rome in an airport taxi – I called them and they had it and said they would mail it out. At first it was weird but once I got used to it, I LOVED the silence and calmness of that month.

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