The Time I Had to Pinch Myself to Make Sure I Was Alive….


I know I go on and on about energy quite a lot on my blog, and I know many of you don’t believe that we are made primarily of energy, and that we have a need to work with our energy system to to maintain peace.

I decided to write about an experience I had a little over a month ago, most of you who regularly tune into my blog know that meditation and working with my energy is part of my day to day life and it’s a commitment, not something that I just do at my convenience because that’s not really how it works, its not another task to be scheduled into the day.

I had an experience just about a month ago and it’s very difficult to explain in words but I felt like my brain almost completely shut off, I felt completely connected to everything around me and the simplest things gave me pleasure and happiness….things like my hand touching my face, the way my feet felt touching the floor or feeling the texture of fabric. I went out for a walk and I felt like I was in tune with everything around me, I noticed the fine details of everything around me, details that would normally be overlooked. If I had to come up with a term for it, I would call it “life in HD”  Since this hadn’t happened to me before I had a moment where I thought “hmmm, I wonder if I’m dead :S” and I had to pinch myself to check

Through further work with my energy I was brought back to that “life in HD” experience again tonight, where I felt happy for no apparent reason and just felt at peace and connected with everything around me. As I was walking down yonge street someone came up to me and said “I was walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the street and I felt your energy, I just wanted to tell you” I had a couple more strangers say hi to me and it wasn’t in a “heyy baby, you’re looking sexy” It was pretty cool! and I didn’t have to pinch myself to check if I was alive or not this time 🙂 Just in case the question is running through your mind… I do not smoke weed or take any sort of drugs 😛

Anyway, my point with this blog is…..get your head out of your ass and learn to work with your energies, it makes a huge difference in how you feel!



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