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Men who are anti abortion….Why? Yes, I actually have met some men with this view



I have been meaning to write about this for a few weeks now after an interesting conversation with a friend regarding our confusion about some of the men we know who are anti abortion, but kept putting it off in part due to being busy and also in part due to how offensive it may be to some people. My intent isn’t to offend but rather share my perspective and inquire that of others on the topic. From what I’ve seen it’s typically people who are very religious who are anti abortion, but if religion is your reasoning……shouldn’t you be a virgin if you aren’t married?  and doesn’t that make you opposed to condoms and birth control as well? 

I’m singling out the men who are anti abortion here because in my opinion you’re hypocrites unless you abide by all the other laws of religion pertaining to reproduction, and even then, you can’t become pregnant so why should you really have much say on the matter! Also, how can you have such strong opinions on abortion when you’re not even really picturing yourself in an accident type situation? For example, what if you’re raped or forcefully seduced by a psychotic woman who demands you inseminate her and she becomes pregnant? I’m pretty sure in that situation you would become pro abortion…..The situation seems few and far between, but it’s possible! 

 Feel free to share thoughts or opinions because I’m so curious as to why you feel you can justify being anti abortion as a man.