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The UN meeting and What I’ve Been Up To

Dear Readers,

It has been ages since I have written anything on here, over a year actually. The past year I spent studying in Australia was one of personal growth brining me closer to my passions in life! For this reason, my blog has gone through some renovations. I have kept some of my old postings which I feel are still relevant to my way of being, but anything that no longer fits my values has been removed.

As some of you know I was granted the opportunity of attending a high level meeting at UN headquarters recently and as promised I am reporting back on the experience. If you have been following the UN plans, you would have heard of the Sustainable Development Goals which are taking over where the Millennium Development Goals left off. To give a brief overview of what they are in case you haven’t been following, here are the MDG’s:


and here are the SDG’s:


The bar has been set very high with these new goals and it’s questionable whether or not all of this is achievable in only 15 years time. I do like the idea of aiming high though because it’s not just about achieving the set goals, but making consistent measurable progress. With the SDG’s I have been happy to see that they are much more specified then the MDG’s and there is a much greater focus on protecting the environment simultaneously with growing the economy.

The meeting I attended was  the EATx2015, EAT is a collaboration between multiple sectors with the goal of feeding the planet in an effective and sustainable way.

Of everything that was discussed at the meeting, I was most enlightened by Peter Freedman of the Consumer Goods Forum who raised many points about private and public sector working together to build more sustainable practices and gave me some food for thought. I found this enlightening because for the most part I don’t purchase any groceries from the large consumer goods companies. I purchase my groceries from a small grocery store which sells local organic produce, farmers markets and a local butcher where the chickens are sourced from nearby farms. Over the past while I have been completely opposed to large food manufactures due to their use of unsustainable ingredients, and also due to the fact that I may have been sold chicken labelled organic and free range which may not have actually been.

 My thoughts on what Mr. Freedman presented were: The large scale food industry isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and the average uninformed consumers who live in their bubbles aren’t going to suddenly start caring about global issues and heading to the farmers market at a rate high enough to make a large impact so improving upon the practices of the food industry makes complete sense! Some further thoughts on this are, hypothetically, if we did make that leap in a very short amount of time where we all shunned the large food industry and decided to opt for organically grown sustainably farmed groceries. It would be a disaster.Many hard working people would be out of jobs and there would be a massive food shortage. So the solution seems to be baby steps over time, people need to be given the time to be shown and adapt to new ways, there needs to be transition time from one level to the next. I won’t be doing my grocery shopping at the big box stores any time soon though 🙂

In addition to this, my overall thoughts on the message of the UN is that the MDG’s, the SDG’s etc. are; it’s great for people who are involved with international development and informed, but to the average person it could all be a little overwhelming and disengaging. To me this is a huge problem because the goals set out by the UN are not going to be achieved just by nations working together on large scale projects. It’s going to be achieved by individuals making better choices by taking morals and ethics into consideration rather than only considering “I want”.


Men who are anti abortion….Why? Yes, I actually have met some men with this view



I have been meaning to write about this for a few weeks now after an interesting conversation with a friend regarding our confusion about some of the men we know who are anti abortion, but kept putting it off in part due to being busy and also in part due to how offensive it may be to some people. My intent isn’t to offend but rather share my perspective and inquire that of others on the topic. From what I’ve seen it’s typically people who are very religious who are anti abortion, but if religion is your reasoning……shouldn’t you be a virgin if you aren’t married?  and doesn’t that make you opposed to condoms and birth control as well? 

I’m singling out the men who are anti abortion here because in my opinion you’re hypocrites unless you abide by all the other laws of religion pertaining to reproduction, and even then, you can’t become pregnant so why should you really have much say on the matter! Also, how can you have such strong opinions on abortion when you’re not even really picturing yourself in an accident type situation? For example, what if you’re raped or forcefully seduced by a psychotic woman who demands you inseminate her and she becomes pregnant? I’m pretty sure in that situation you would become pro abortion…..The situation seems few and far between, but it’s possible! 

 Feel free to share thoughts or opinions because I’m so curious as to why you feel you can justify being anti abortion as a man.

That’s Racist! part deux


In much of he western world, we live in multicultural nations. Over the past decade this has been depicted more so through the media which includes more characters of ethic minorities who are not there to fulfill a stereotype. These characters are there to reflect actual demographics and break archetypes of the past . It is even apparent when watching the news, that anchors are from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds reflecting the society we live in.

What baffles me though, is, why are we still dealing with racist hate crimes and xenophobia in this day and age? and in particular, why does the US seem to have so many more issues with xenophobia than Canada? The topic of racism has sat in the back of my mind all day and was initially sparked when I saw a news report this morning about a girl of Indian decent winning the tittle of miss America. I didn’t see what the big deal was considering in nations where immigration has fueled the population growth, it’s not unusual to walk down the street and see people from every ethnic background who were born American, Canadian etc. I do realize that no matter how multicultural and advanced we become, there will always be xenophobes and people who make generalizations and place negative stereotypes on certain ethnic groups. Of course there are some stereotypes that are actually true, like Persians driving white bmw’s. This is a true statement as I lived in a building that was primarily Persian for a few years and they even influenced me to buy one and Persians wearing too much cologne, the hallways almost consistently smelled like it!

Another true stereotype is Asians cannot drive, just go drive around the Pacific mall parking lot and you will see what I’m talking about. Good thing I still remember how to swear in Cantonese

Sadly though, there are some other stereotypes out there that hold no truth whatsoever. For example, the way middle eastern people are conveyed by western media as violent terrorists. It’s ironic, that if you look at most large scale public attacks in North America that have happened over the past couple years, they have been carried out by Caucasians.  Prior to 9/11, the deadliest American terrorist attack on record was carried out by Timothy McVeigh, yet I don’t live in fear of Caucasians or stereotype them as aggressive, violent etc. So why then do we often see fear and hate towards people who are Islamic, or even just appear as if they may be Islamic? I believe it is because the qualities of aggressiveness and violence are the only qualities ever displayed in the media linked to people of middle eastern decent and it instills fear in those who are less than worldly. A lack of worldliness and relying on the most easily accessible forms of media to gain education about what’s going on around you without questioning is a dangerous practice.  Unfortunately for some people out there, they cannot do much better than this, just watch five minutes of here comes honey boo boo. They’re illiterate so where else can they get their information from than the tv? They’re getting pregnant at the age of 13 so there’s no time to focus on expanding education and questioning things. They are too busy shoveling their obese faces full of fried chicken to look at what they see on television objectively.

So then, is this mentality the fault of all the uneducated hicks? I wish it were as simple as pinning this all on them for not venturing outside their boxes, but how can one venture when they are not given the inspiration to do so?

This leads me to question why is it that in Canada we have towns where people are pregnant as teenagers, drop out of high school or barely make it through and have little interest in anything outside of that little bubble yet there is almost a complete lack of racism? I grew up in a small city called Brantford which although the population is about 100,000 it still carries a real small town mentality. They didn’t get their first Starbucks until just a few years ago, they don’t have normal ice cream shops, they’re all little shacks where you go get your ice cream at a window that are only open in summer. They have one of the highest teen pregnancy rates in Canada! In my elementary school I was always the only kid of minority or one of two and I never had any issues based on the colour of my skin. Sure there may have been a bit of ignorance about what my background was, but there was never any hate directed towards me based on me being a minority. I don’t ever have any good things to say about Brantford because it’s a shit hole, but if I had to state the one best quality of that city, it would be the acceptance of minorities despite the town having an overall hick mentality.

I believe this distinction between Canada and the US exists due to differing fundamental values. America is classified as a melting pot, and Canada a cultural mosaic. I feel it’s a lot easier to come up with a definition of “American” than it is for “Canadian” when speaking in terms of culture.  When you think of American, you think of Hollywood movies, celebrity, large chains which have gone global, a lifestyle of wanting the best of everything and not wanting to work very hard for it, buying everything on credit and an overall sense of having to conform to a certain  way of being to fit in and be accepted. On the other hand, Canada is a lot less defined in terms of what’s Canadian, we have very little of anything that has blown up globally and also very little established in terms of what a typical “Canadian” lifestyle is. Don’t get me wrong, I know that American’s lifestyles differ greatly from person to person, but there is still that “American Dream” mentality that exists causing many people to feel like they have to conform to specific ideals, resulting in the melting pot. In Canada, we don’t ascribe to beliefs in a “Canadian Dream”. Immigrants travelling to both nations often do so looking for better opportunities in life. However, when the whole “American Dream” concept is removed from the picture, they’re able to cultivate their new lives more organically while comfortably maintaining aspects of their culture. When people are given not only the legal freedom to live and express their own culture along with the psychological freedom to do so, underlying tensions based on race, ethnicity and religion are seldom. In a society where immigrants are granted legal liberties of living and expressing their culture yet are consistently fed messages of “the American Dream” subliminally, it creates a paradox in which citizens can express and practice their cultures freely, but only if they’re American enough. This results in many keeping their cultures behind closed doors and shared only with others of their same cultural background. In turn, this leaves their culture and people of their culture easily susceptible to unfair stereotyping based on whatever the media depicts because that culture lacks a solid foundation in the psyche of the general population.

There is no simple solution to this problem as I don’t see “the American Dream” as something that’s going to die anytime soon although everything that’s happened in terms of financial crisis proves that it should have died a long time ago. I feel that small steps taken by individuals and communities are going to be what lead to increased awareness and more objectivity in place of unfair judgement and xenophobia. It’s up to people who feel uncomfortable publicly  displaying their cultural traditions out of fear to step outside their comfort zone and share with their mail man and the clerk from the store the same joys of their culture they share with their families and other members of their cultural community. If those steps are not taken by the ones who belong to the ethnic backgrounds and cultures that are most often unfairly ridiculed by the media, nothing will change. There is a ton of stuff that can be done small scale to gradually increase awareness, celebrate your culture and not exclude but invite others to learn

– A festival with entertainment and most importantly food. Rather than throwing a party/festival in a private community location, open it up to anybody who’s interested, advertise it, make it in an outdoor location. The town I grew up in still has an annual cultural celebration called the international villages in which every night a different country sets up food and entertainment.

– If you’re an elementary school teacher, encourage more cultural activities with your class. Projects where the kids have to do a report and presentation on their country. Partnering up with another student to educate and share with each other their traditions. A class pot luck in which everyone has to bring in a national dish.

– free newspaper/news letter printed in both English and your native language

– fund raising event for a local cause. Pick a cause that everyone in town is going to want to support, have the entertainment and food at the event reflect your culture. You are showing you care about the rest of the community and at the same time potentially opening others to appreciating your culture.

I shared these suggestions because these were some of the efforts I saw in my town growing up that promoted multiculturalism even though the ethnic population was so small. When I hear about such unfairness in the news, or hear stories from friends who have encountered racism personally or seen it happening in towns on travels to the US it saddens me, but also makes me feel so fortunate to have grown up in a place that promoted diversity.

There may be some out there who will always be racist and full of hate towards minorities…..and to those people I ask you to answer these questions with a yes or no.

Was your cell phone manufactured by a Caucasian?

Was your television manufactured by a Caucasian?

Was your car manufactured by a Caucasian?

Does the label on your clothing say “Made in the United States of America?”

It’s most likely you answered no to at least one of these questions…surely that’s not a sign  that we should all be open to the various cultures and ethnicity’s around us and working together rather than against one another….*rolls eyes*

Living With Less…or Living With More?


I know I tend to babble on about things most of you don’t think about or care about on my blog….at least that’s what I assume. I’m going to carry on anyway though. We’re in the final month of 2012 and it feels like it’s gone by way too fast, I feel like every year goes by faster than the one before it, I swear time is speeding up and I have read some interesting discussions on that topic, but I’m not here to talk about physics…and the phenomenon of accelarting time could very well just be a part of getting older.

I have taken a bit of time to reflect on what I’ve learned over this past year, and overall the theme of this year for me seemed to be learning to live with less. Ever since the trip I took to Africa, that’s been the central theme of my life. I can easily count on my fingers the number of times I went out partying, I spent far less on material things than I ever have in the past, and gained a new perspective on what my goals should be in life.

I know I’ve already talked about these things a lot on my blog, so I’m going to try to keep this one short and try to not bore you all. I had another epiphany regarding life and how I should move forward to achieve my goals. I’m sure most of you remember the plans I was working on to start up a not for profit to benefit underfunded schools in Tanzania. My project was very slow moving, it seemed as if it was going to move forward and things were coming together, I had a friend commit to helping me through the paper work of getting registered as a not for profit, and then poof….he vanished. Now getting to the epiphany, I’ve been seeing more and more how I’ve spent loads in the past on things that have no real value, designer clothes that would be worth almost nothing now because they’re from a few seasons past, things that I’ve worn maybe twice and have long gone out of fashion. I thought to myself “I could have probably dramatically changed a village using just half of what I spent on all that” I realized that rather than focusing on getting a not for profit set up, and collecting donations I should just save up a little bit (a lot goes a long way in developing countries) and work on making a difference on my own in just one school first, and then use that experience and credibility to build something bigger…..I also realized that I need to move forward not just being conservative in terms of materialism but also having a better balance between what I spend on self and what I invest in projects  that benefit people other than myeslf. This is why going forward in the new year I have decided to contribute more regularly to projects that friends of mine are working on, in addition to continuing to live a minimalist type of life.

I do realize most people don’t care, and will continue not to care about these sorts of issues as shown when my friend Aleesha attempted to collect donations for an orphanage her family runs in fiji…she sent out a fb msg to all her friends and pretty nobody responded, but I did of course :p

Despite the fact that most of you will not care, I continue to post because whatever little sparks of inspiration I may ignite are totally worth it.

For some more info on one of the projects a friend of mine is leading in Tanzania check out Cheka school on facebook, my friend Gerallt has done some brilliant work in the time he’s spent abroad and he as some very interesting stories to go with his experiences.

I’m sure a lot of you are wondering why I would chose to be like this, and for those of you still very much caught up in materialism and excess you must think I’m living a petty miserable life lol. That’s not the case at all though, I find I’ve actually been happier because I can appreciate simple things in life a lot more. Things that I’ve cut back on doing in excess like nights out, when I actually do splurge on them I have a lot more appreciation and absorb the experience more rather than having it be one of those repetitive things I do just because. I’m definitely not going to become a cave dwelling monk anytime in the future, but I will continue to advocate living a well balanced life.

Conversing With the Homeless


I have often been curious about how the homeless end up in their situation, how could life become so bad that when you’e at an ultimate financial low…you turn to drugs and thus remain stuck on the street rather than going for the logical option of getting yourself straightened out. I in no way look down on these people, have just been curious about what sort of traumatic situations they’ve been in to get them where they are.

Long conversations with the homeless aren’t something I’ve experienced before today….Usually they just ask for change and sometimes I give it to them, sometimes I don’t, end of story. They usually don’t talk much beyond asking for change or random gibberish if they’re really drugged up so it’s never been an appropriate situation to ask “How did you end up here?” Plus the fact that they’re begging for money makes me think they would just fabricate some sad story about their life to try to suck more money out of you.

I met a homeless woman today though, and it was a bit different….rather than the usual neutrality I feel towards them., for some reason, I felt different towards her. She wasn’t begging for money, just saw her walking into a driveway and she got freaked out by a huge raccoon that was sitting there. She said to me “Did you see that thing!?” Me: “It’s just a raccoon” I don’t know why, but I kept talking to her….It was cold out and she definitely wasn’t dressed for the weather, so I gave her my coffee which I probably wasn’t going to finish anyway. I told he to wait there, and I would bring her a jacket. I figured if I gave away 6 garbage bags full of clothes recently giving a jacket to someone wasn’t really a big deal.  (keep in mind she never asked me for anything)

I got her the jacket, and we talked a bit more….since I felt this was a situation in which I could ask about how she ended up on the street without being coerced into giving her anything else, I just straight out asked her. She told me she started doing drugs as a way to cope after a guy left her and took everything. She said she had $200,000 in the bank,  thought she would marry the guy, opened a joint bank account….then he took everything and left. She ended up crying when she told me the story. She also mentioned she has 2 kids who are around my age and they want her to come home so they can help her….She didn’t really say why she won’t just go live with her kids, I didn’t bother probing her though because sometimes people just don’t wanna say everything, and I respect that. I usually don’t spill all my personal stories to strangers either.

Anyway, she never asked me for anything else….seems all she needed was someone to talk to a bit and listen….That made me think, maybe what most people who’ve hit rock bottom really need is just someone to take time and listen to them. We give these people money, food, shelters to stay in….but how often is it we actually give them respect and show some actual compassion? I think that’s the one thing that’s lacking in initiatives that are meant to help the homeless, they’re there to meet the physical survival needs of the people but there’s not much as far as emotional support. I think the element of emotional support really is important considering that many of these people wound up where they are due to their lack of ability to handle difficult emotional situations.  I mean who just randomly thinks “I’m going to start doing crack…’s going to be so fun!”? I think you need to be in a pretty desperate situation before turning to substances to numb yourself…

I’m not trying to preach that everyone should just go randomly talking to homeless people now. I think the point I’m trying to get across is that if you’re ever in a situation where you’re helping someone (anyone, not just the homeless)….try to throw in some form of emotional support if you can, you never know, it could be the tipping point that shows them there’s still some good left in the word and inspires them to change. (that might be my idealistic thinking again lol)

Greed is All Around

I know I’ve written about this topic in a few of my posts, materialism, greed etc. and I’m writing about it again because a recent occurrence has made me feel the need to rant.

What I’m seeing is, that almost all people who have more than enough to meet survival will be greedy. What annoys me most is when people who live in developing countries who are NOT poor, i.e. they’re well fed, have clothes on their backs, can afford university tuition see the need to try to mooch off of westerners…I can recall that I mentioned the family who ran the place I volunteered at were amazing, they valued my time above all and never asked for anything beyond that, and invited me over every day for tea and I was entertained by interesting stories of travel and how the grandfather of this family ultimately chose to return to Tanzania to live a simple life after years of traveling, schooling and working abroad. I was impressed by this, because he could have expanded his life materially so much by opting to stay in either the US, Germany or Australia….but he chose family, and a more difficult life instead.

I’m pretty sure his grandson, who I met only once or twice didn’t take any of these stories to heart because since I got back home I’ve been continuously harassed being asked to send him stuff….and not small stuff either. This kid had the nerve to ask me to buy him an iphone LMFAO!!!! Obviously I replied saying I can’t do that and I tried to explain to him that not all people living in the western world are loaded. His reply was “any smart phone would be ok”  and he tried to reason that he needs it for when he starts university in Dar Es Salaam, LMFAO again. This guy already has some kind of smart phone as all of the fb messages he’s sent me have been sent from a phone. He’s been blocked and deleted from my Facebook and I am completely pissed off that there are so many people in this world looking to just take advantage of people’s kindness.

I had another situation in Tanzania in which one of the staff members from where I was working asked me for money. She claimed she couldn’t pay her rent. My thoughts on this were “well if you can’t pay your rent how do you pay for time on your phone and for internet to check your email and Facebook?” She was clearly just greedy and looking to advantage.

I think this goes to show that the majority of people, once they have something…..even if it’s not much more than the basics, they can easily become greedy looking for more and more. I can understand all this materialism stuff of course, because I, like most people, have been there….There are a lot of things I used to think I wanted cause in my mind they represented accomplishment. Now all I really want though is a space big enough to live in and some money to travel with, it doesn’t even have to be luxury travel as I’ve found travelling cheap to be the most interesting. Dirty hostels always seem to be where you meet interesting people, 5 star hotels…..not so much.

Although I had all these materialistic wants, what I can say is that I have NEVER tried to obtain them by using another person, and I think that’s why I’m so sickened by the fact this guy asked me to buy him an iphone, and then when I said no said any smart phone. Being materialistic is one thing, fine….if you want things you can work hard to buy them and enjoy. Materialistic people who are leeches though, getting all that they have not through hard wok but at the expense of another person makes me sick!

That brings another thought to mind, and I will write about this one at a later time, I have major issues with gold diggers.

F@#K America! And Can I Get A Grande Caramel Macchiato Please?

This weeks post came to fruition due to a thought I had….”If most of the world hates America so much and trash talks them, why do they eat their trash?” Being Canadian, and having traveled to many places where I’ve mingled with locals, I have witnessed quite a bit of trash talk about Americans. Heck, even on the news in the EU I heard a lot of anti American statements….and I will admit, I laughed my ass off!

What really boggles my mind though is, despite all the criticism, it’s always the American chain that goes global…..WHY? Seriously, why would anyone want to follow anything that has to do with the lifestyle of a country that has one of the highest rates of obesity, a crap load of debt AND a many citizens who wouldn’t even be able to locate on a map 50% of the countries where American franchises have set up shop due to lack of awareness of anything outside their bubble?…’s even funnier when they have too much pride/ego to admit they’re not familiar with something….reminds me of this show that was popular here a while back, and my god I wish it would come back LOL fast forward to 4:30 to hear about the Toronto Polar Bear slaughter, lmao….this will leave you all speechless…

Ok, anyway, back to my main point about foreign investment in American franchises, WHY? The only theory I can think of…..there’s drugs in those burgers, why do you think they call it a happy meal!? *wink wink* and there’s drugs in that Starbucks coffee! What else could it be? I mean…why haven’t any of the Canadian chains gone global? Second Cup is really comparable to Starbucks, some of their drinks are even better! We just haven’t exploded cause we’re lacking drugs!

Here’s a prime example of how even some of the strongest anti Americans can be warped by the drugs, fast forward to 4:40

I wish I could say to everyone don’t do drugs….but I’m pretty guilty of that one myself (Starbucks is hard to say no to) How sad is this, I feel I’ve found the solution to a major global problem…’s really so simple, just put the drugs down! but how do we do it when we’re all just a bunch of addicts…..I guess one of the positive outcomes of all of this is, in 20 years or so the signs of all Starbucks and other American chains all around the world (including America) will look like this and we will all be greeted with “Ni hao” 😉 and if you don’t understand that last comment about everything eventually being Chinese…..maybe do some reading and watch the news before you come back to my blog 😛

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Jesus Died for Your Sins, and Came Back to Eat your Brains, Issues With Religion

I decided to postpone writing my entry analyzing why male tennis players choose to have so much hair despite being sweaty all the time, and also postpone starting my blog series “places to pick up the opposite sex” because the engagement party last night was terrible, everyone was in couples and the very few single guys were not good enough looking for me, and we left early lol.


So instead, I bring you a rant about religion, with appropriate timing I think! First though, a bit about Easter because I know most of my readers are non christian’s and wouldn’t have likely been taught about the story of Easter…Oddly, I’m baptized and raised Catholic, which is likely due to mission workers who travelledl abroad to save the souls of my ancestors by leading us away from Hinduism and into the light  *rolls eyes*…….I went to catholic school, in which we had to sit through religion class and learn about stuff from the Bible. My memory isn’t too sharp on most of this stuff since I’m not religious at all, but I can state in short form what happened around Easter. Jerusalem was under rule of the Roman Empire while Jesus had a large following in the Jewish population for doing such things as walking on water, turning water into wine and feeding hundred’s with one loaf of bread and a few fish. The Romans saw Jesus as a threat due to the potential of him leading an uprising. He was charged with criminal offences which he was found guilty of, then he was executed by being nailed to a cross.  It has been said that he rose from the dead three days after….so he must have been a zombie right? Perhaps the people of this era just weren’t familiar with symptoms of zombism and just thought he was acting strange. My theory is they found the tomb open because after the burial brain hungry zombies raided it,  eating Jesus’ brain thus transforming him into a zombie. I suspect zombies of this era just layed low most of the time and only operated in darkness….cause I think even zombies wouldn’t want to mess with the Romans, I know I wouldn’t!

Ok, so I’m being really silly, but I don’t see how much sillier my theory is than much of the stuff that’s written in the bible. I honestly have an easier time believing in aliens than I do believing we are all the descendants of one man and a woman who was made out of his rib….

I do think religion can be very interesting, but at the same time I think ancient scriptures were not meant to be taken literally, but much of what was written was symbolic and the problem with that is we cannot exactly interpret what was trying to be said. Not only does symbolism make things cloudy, but a lot of meaning may have been lost in translation. I do realize I may be offending a lot of people with this, but my point here isn’t to insult people who are religious, because being “religious” isn’t really the problem. I feel people can be religious in a very productive way or a very unproductive way.  In my opinion, taking every little detail as fact and not having any proof that it is fact and fighting with those who don’t agree and telling them they’re going to burn in hell for their sins…that’s not being productive. On the flip side, doing your best to live your life by some of the principles of religion is productive. Another example of unproductive religiousness are the stereotypical bible thumping red necks who are racist, anti homo sexual, pro war etc. etc.   It makes no sense to me because they claim to be good Christians, yet they’re clearly placing major judgement on others….and I’ve never heard any religious teachings that claim we should be judging others. Then the whole racist thing, I’ve always found it hilarious because Jesus wasn’t even white!!

I know I’ve been using Jesus and the bible as my point of reference, and that’s not meant to be an attack on Christianity, it was just the most convenient for me to use. I think the same contrast between being religious in a productive way or unproductive way exist in any religion.

cons of organized religion:

  • turns people against each other and keeps them closed minded, differences in religion have been an ongoing cause of conflict between individuals and nations. I have seen marriages that should have happened not happen simply over the fact that the two people were of different religions and their families were completely opposed to it, religion ruins love!
  • uses fear to disempower people, many religions attempt to scare people into adhering to certain behaviour. Also, a fear of not conforming to the ways of everyone else exists within many religious communities. I feel like religion, along with other organized institutions that are part of our lives can deter people from exploring who they really are or their full potential because whatever it is they’re wanting to express is frowned upon by their religion. A really big one that most people overlook delving deeper into is their own intuitive potential. Anything even a bit esoteric was frowned upon by the church, and it seems that today much of that realm is still frowned upon and untouched.
  • members of the communities donate money to their churches and temples and in my opinion it doesn’t go anywhere positive….religion isn’t something progressive that’s changing for the better. It’s the same books preached over and over again and that money is most likely going towards lawn maintenance and utility bills. That money could be invested into soooo many better things

As you can see I could go on and on, but now I will get to the pro’s

  • after mass is always the time to hear the best gossip
  • It provides us with holidays that we can take off work and spend with our family and friends that would not exist if it wasn’t for organized religion
  • Most of these holidays involve stuffing our faces with food, getting really drunk and getting gifts

I still think the cons outweigh the pro’s, but I will enjoy the pro’s and I hope you all remember what this day is really about! It’s about celebrating chickens mating with rabbits to give us those amazing chocolate eggs!! Happy Easter everyone 🙂